About St. Helens


Since the 18th century St Helens has progressed from industrial town to its present status as a prime commercial and retail centre for the surrounding region.

Recent regenerations to the area surrounding the town's railway station, including improvements to various major building's facades, parking and the general presentation of these streets, have created a gentrifying effect.

As a result of this new businesses have been attracted to St Helens, most notable of these being a number of award-winning restaurants that are already popular with visiting food enthusiasts.

A very mixed range of cuisine is available in St Helens, with the George Street area adjacent to the station offering everything from French, Italian and Spanish food to excellent Chinese and Thai restaurants.

Although the town brings in large amounts of visitors on this basis, it has much more to offer in the way of attractions, not least of which are its various retail centres. Both the Church Square and Church Street areas with their plethora of popular high-street names are often inundated with shoppers enjoying the lively atmosphere and good food on offer.

As the sun goes down, St Helens draws in huge numbers of revellers to the large amount of new bars and pubs that have sprung up in recent times along Bridge Street and Westfield Street. Bars such as The Dali Bar, Zoo and Panama Joe's, all of which are fast becoming places to be seen for those in the know, offer late licenses for those wishing to party the night away.