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The town of St Helens is situated in Merseyside in the county of Lancashire and is home to over 175,000 inhabitants.

It has a history of heavy industry, primarily coal mining and glassmaking, and to this day is still home to the world-leading glass manufacturers Pilkingtons.

In more recent times the town has become steadily more commercial and is now a popular destination for shoppers, who flock to the fully pedestrianised town centre which plays host to many major retail chains. Extensive regeneration to the town centre, which is still ongoing in more outlying areas, has left St Helens as an attractive option for potential visitors, creating a bustling lively atmosphere.

Other attractions the town has to offer are its range of historic theatres, which host everything from cutting-edge touring acts to traditional festive pantomime, and its world-famous Rugby League team.

Read more about St. Helens in the About St. Helens section.

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